Thursday, 16 February 2017

My Five Product Face

A face with only five products? Sounded easy until I actually sat down and thought about what I would use, and I have to admit a lot of thought went into this! This is something that I've seen a lot of people do, and so I thought it would be fun to try it myself, and so I've come up with the only five products I would use!

As someone who has an oily t-zone and areas with larger pores, the idea of not using a primer is something that worries me and I can't remember the last time I didn't use one. But I do have to admit that only being allowed five products would make me skip this step completely and just go straight for foundation! And the foundation that I've chosen is my everyday go to, the No 7 Beautifully Matte Light which is I've previously raved about on this blog, so I won't again!

I would then use concealer because even though the foundation has a lovely coverage, I still find that I need to conceal certain areas, and the concealer I would use is the Collection Lasting Perfection, as it's light enough for my skin, and works well both under the eyes and on any blemishes because it is a very full coverage concealer! I would recommend this product to everyone as it's high coverage, easy to blend into the skin and so affordable!

To keep all this in place, I would then have to use a powder, as this is something that my oily skin just couldn't skip! I would use the No 7 Perfect Light Loose Powder as I could use this to bake the under eye and to set the rest of my face and I love this powder because you can pack it on if you want to bake certain areas, and it doesn't dry the skin out and doesn't make the face look cakey at all! I also love this because a usual powder contains 10g whereas this contains 20g and as a product I use everyday, I feel like I'm hardly making a dent in it!

Brows are something that I like to wear even if I have no other makeup on and so I would definitely make sure that I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade for the brows. This is because I find that product is good for carving out the brows and its a product that doesn't need a brow gel on top if you needed to skip that step! I also find that the shade blonde is perfect for me and matches my hair so well!

The final product I would use the mascara, and if I had to pick one specific one, it would probably be the Maybelline Lash Sensational, as I find that this really curls the lashes and keeps them curled all day, it also adds a lot of volume to my lashes which is always a bonus! And this is a mascara that doesn't smudge or run, and so I would also be able to use it on my bottom lashes as well as the top!

I hope you all enjoyed reading what products I would use! What product would you use, if you could only pick five?

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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Instagrams to Follow

Living in a world of social media, it's easy to get lost in the realms of tweets, posts, pictures and videos. And I can admit, I am one of those people who sometimes finds myself using social media way more than necessary, so I thought I would share with you some of my favourite Instagram accounts!

I have to admit that most of these accounts are beauty related and so I thought I would start it off with the one fashion account I absolutely adore! And this account is caitlinheathxo and this would be a great acount to follow if you love trends such as the fishnets, graphic tees and jumpers, and lace up everything! I'm someone who always keeps my fashion very basic with intentions of changing it up and this account has been giving me all the inspiration I need, I'd highly recommend checking this girl out!

This next account is not only one of my favourite Instagram accounts but a favourite of mine on YouTube as well, it's jamiegenevieve. She is an absolutely beautiful and talented makeup artist, and so this account is everything beauty, and I could scroll on through this for hours! If you love a variety of makeup looks, ranging from natural to full glam this is the one for you and she uses a lot of neutral colours which will always be my favourite colour palette!

Someone I've been following for a long time now is grgctts who is also a makeup artist, and I feel like I can take so much inspiration from this girls looks because she is just as pale as me! She's incredibly talented and does a variety of different looks ranging from neutral to colour and so I always find there's something to take from her posts, and I feel like she has a look for everyone on her account!

The next account I love is lydiaemillen who is an all round blogger and YouTuber and so this account is all about lifestyle, fashion and beauty, and I love this because it feels so real! Scrolling through her feed is aesthetically pleasing as well, but I love how her photos range from one thing to another, instead of all being based on one topic, as I feel like this makes it appealing to a wider audience! Also her and her fiance are both extremely cute and she does often post pictures of them together!

My final favourite is cartiamallan who is honestly one of the most inspirational people on the internet that I've come across. She is also a YouTuber and I'd highly suggest checking out her channel, but I love her Instagram for the photos and the captions, because she's always so true and really promotes positivity and a happy state of mind! I would say that her account is more of a lifestyle one, but I love seeing the places she visits, and the people she goes with, and she is another person who is as beautiful on the outside as she is on the inside!

Do any of you have any Instagram accounts you could recommend? I always love following new people! 
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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Kylie Cosmetic Favourites

As someone who has buying Kylie Lipkit's since she first released them, I realised that I'd never done any type of post about them on here. And so I thought I would share with you all what my favourite shades are currently, and what I think of the lipkits in general as I know there has been a lot of mixed reviews floating around the internet!

The very first shade I bought was Candy K and still to this day it is probably my most loved and worn shade, it's just so easy to wear with pretty much any makeup look! I find that if you're looking for a pink based nude, then this is the one to get, personally for me being so fair, finding a nude that looks good is difficult but with this have the pinky tones to it, it makes it so easy to wear! I can wear this on a day to day basis or for a more full on look, as I think that it compliments a lot of makeup looks from a simple winged liner or a blown out smokey eye!

Throughout the end of summer last year, all I wore on my lips was the shade Kristen and I bought this one as soon as it was released and I'm so glad I did! This is a lovely deep pink strawberry shade and I love wearing this with minimal makeup because it can be used as a statement lip. I'm someone who loves to wear a red lip in the colder months and so this is the perfect option for me in the warmer months, and it means you can wear less makeup while looking like I've made an effort! I also think that this is a perfect shade for all complexions and so would highly recommend this one to everyone!

As someone who likes to wear a lot of warm browns and oranges on my eyes, I've found that I reach for the shade Ginger a lot as it seems to compliment these warm tones. Again this is a colour that can easily be worn on it's own as a statement lip, but I do tend to reach for this one more when I have a more warm tone to my eye look, as I feel like it just brings it altogether! This is definitely a colour I would recommend for all complexions, because on me its a very stand out lip that some people wouldn't find as easy to wear but on darker complexions, it would be a really nice lighter shade with a hint of peach to it almost!

The last favourite is the shade Love Bite and  I find that this is one that I reach for on occasions more than day to day basis, as you really don't have to try too much or can you wear tones that match if you are someone who likes to go full glam! I love this shade because although it is another purple, it's a beautiful mauve purple and not just the stereotypical purple. And as far as purple shades go, I do find that this is an easy one to wear because of its muted, more dusky tones, and again this is one that would look gorgeous on all complexions, so if you're someone who enjoys these tones or just likes a more bold and out there lip colour, I'd highly recommend trying this one!

I do really want to invest in her lip glosses next, as I'm someone who rarely reaches for glosses, but with Candy K being a favourite shade, I would love to know what the gloss version is like! How many of you have tried products from Kylie Cosmetics, and what are your thoughts? I'd love to know if we have similar favourites!
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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Finding Happiness

everything will be so good so soon. just hang in there and don't worry about it too much.:
We're already a month into the new year and I decided to not make any resolutions at the start of the year as I'm someone who never sticks to them anyway. But as we're getting into this new year, I've had a few ideas of things I want to start up and most of these ideas come from things that will boost happiness within myself and I thought I'd share them with you all!

Last year I really didn't stick to blogging as well as I wanted to, and I'm not going to set myself targets but I really want to get back into it and enjoy it again! So instead of telling myself I should be posting on certain days so many times a week, I'd rather post content I want to and really like the content I'm putting out, and this means the content will be a lot better for all you that are reading it.

I also want this year to be a lot happier for me and so I decided that I need a hobby and I've chosen to join the gym, as not only will exercising release endorphin's which makes you feel a lot happier, but I also want to get my body to a point where I feel comfortable and enjoy what I see, so this seemed like a great way to boost my self confidence as well as boosting my happiness!

Positivity is also something that I really want to focus on and so I've decided to start journaling so that I can write everything down and go back to it to see how much things have changed for me, and just watch my own journey to becoming a lot more positive. And I feel like it's always good to have somewhere to write everything down and get everything out!

Have any of you got any resolutions that you've managed to stick to so far?

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Thursday, 19 January 2017

A Skincare Update

I made this post well over a year ago now all about my skincare routine, and I feel like my skincare game has changed dramatically in the past few months. I do have two products that are still the same, but everything else has been swapped out for something my skin is appreciating a lot more, which makes me and my skin happier!

My first routine of the day is of course the morning, and as someone who has oily areas to their face, I tend to find that I do produce a lot of oil at night sometimes, and so I use the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish to remove everything from my face and I have loved this product for years now! It just leaves my skin feeling so clean and fresh, and it doesn't have anything harsh in it which is great for my sensitive skin! The next product is the Mario Badescu Facial Spray and I use this straight after I've cleansed kind of like a toner, except it just puts hydration back into the skin, and with ingredients such as rose water and aloe, it feels really refreshing on the skin! I then use the Boots Time Delay Youth Maintain Eye Cream which is something I picked up because it was on offer at about £2 and I have been loving it! Since using it, my under eyes have felt a lot more hydrated, and I have also found that concealer applies easier and does not crease at all, so this product has been incredible for me!

This product is one I am still using and have been for a few years, the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ and I can honestly say that my acne scarring has been so much better for using this, and I use this everyday without fail as it just helps with any imperfections on the skin. Over the past few months, I have been trying out things from Lancome and the next product I use is the Genifique Youth Activating Serum which is a serum and I just love this because it's super hydrating, and it makes the skin look so radiant and I find that it really helps with any uneven texture on my skin! And lastly I use the Lancome Hydra Zen and since using this as my daily moisturiser, my skin feels a lot more hydrated and the skin texture has also felt a lot smoother which makes me extremely happy!

My evening routine does also include a couple of the same products including the facial spray and eye cream, but there are also a couple of different products. To remove my makeup, I still used the beloved Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil as I feel like it really gets rid of all the makeup so quickly and easily! I also love the fact that it's an oil with a pump which means mess free and just simple to use even when taking my makeup off feels like a chore! And the last product I like to use at night time is the night version of my day moisturiser, which is the Lancome Hydra Zen Nuit and this is the best night moisturiser I've ever used, it leaves my skin completely hydrated and it after regular use it even makes the skin look more luminous in the mornings!

There are also other products I thought I'd mention even though I don't use them everyday, but some of you may find them helpful in your routine as well! I have two different face masks that I like to use, the first being L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox mask and this is designed to deeply cleanse the pores and leave the face "detoxed" without drying the skin out! I love to use them directly on blemishes to really draw them out, or I use this in the places on my face such as my nose and cheeks where my pores are a little bigger just to cleanse them thoroughly. The other mask I like to use is the Manuka Doctor ApiClear Peel Off mask which has been a lifesaver for me since buying it! This mask is designed for congested skin and as someone who suffers with acne and scarring, this has really helped clear up my skin and it also leaves it feeling soft and glowing which is always a bonus!

The are two more products that I like to add into my routine and the first one is from La Roche Posay Lotion Micro Exfoliant and this is something that I only use one or twice a week as an exfoliating method. I find that this really gets deep in the pores especially on my nose and after using this, it just makes my skin feel so much smoother which makes applying making a lot easier! And the final product that I like to use is the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion which is a product people know about due to Kylie Jenner, and I love this because it dries out spots overnight and really helps to clear up any spots that are just appearing! This product just helps me to worry less abut anything popping up on my face, and so I feel so much better about my skin in general!

Have any of you used any of these products or can recommend anything else to add to my skincare routine? I'd love to know what products you like to use on yourselves!

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